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A Guide to Planning a Hybrid Event

While most events during the 2020 pandemic have gone totally online, there are still many individuals, companies, and groups that are planning and hosting hybrid events come 2021. In some ways, hybrid events are even more difficult to plan than 100% in-person or live online events. This is because the hosting party has to consider making the experience seamless for two very different types of audiences.

Here are a few key things to consider when planning a hybrid event.

The venue space: Just because some of your attendees won’t be there in person, doesn’t mean you should compromise on venue. In fact, choosing the right one is more important than ever. Especially now, with health and safety concerns being paramount, venues must be large enough to accommodate every guest in a socially distant way. 

Accommodate quality video production: In a way, this event is also a video production so you’ll need to consider a slightly different approach to make sure it looks amazing to those at home. This includes increasing the number of cameras, better stage lighting,  a focus on acoustics and specific microphones – just to name a few items. Ensuring your venue and team can handle this for your hybrid event will be crucial to how seamless the event feels.

Strong internet connection: If you choose a space that doesn’t support your livestream, you’ll be in trouble. Pick a place that you know has reliable internet that can handle a livestream for a prolonged period of time. The last thing you want is ‘technical difficulties’ flubbing your run-of-show. 

Interaction between two audiences: While not required, you can level up your hybrid event approach by considering how both virtual and in-person attendees will interact. Especially for those who are unable to experience the event first-hand, making them feel part of the physical moment can keep them engaged and improve everyone’s experience. 

Find an experienced planner: As mentioned above, hybrid events are kind of like executing double the event all at once. It’s recommended that you find someone to help who has a roster of amazing venues and can spin up all of your technology needs, saving you a massive headache!

Have more questions about hybrid events? Shoot us a note!