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New Website Launch!

How exciting is this?! A new website, a new blog; it’s exactly what summer is meant for!

When I started JKS Events in March of 1999, working out of my small studio apartment, I never imagined that 14 years, marriage, and 2 kids later, I would be sitting here writing my first ever blog, staring out my office window at the beautiful view of Union Square. And yet, here I am, ready to launch into a new chapter of my career.

The goal is simple: write one blog entry a week, covering topics from our upcoming or recently past events, to new venues and vendors we’ve encountered, the awesome projects our non-profit clients are involved in, or fun event ideas from the everyday to the fantastic.  Or maybe a simple post about what is currently inspiring me, or some words of advice to event planners and potential clients.  In short, whatever seems to fit in the moment.

So here’s to summer and new beginnings!  And don’t forget…