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What Live Talent Brings to a Virtual Event - JKS Events
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What Live Talent Brings to a Virtual Event

Let’s face it, virtual events can be awesome or they can be a snooze. Having the right run of show for the audience you’re hosting is absolutely crucial. One major way to keep any audience engaged and actually get them excited for a virtual event is…talent!

Here’s how we in the events businesses think about talent and how to use it.

Types of talent to book for your event. 

Finding a way to tie in someone hilarious and/or famous is a great way to get guests hooked and provide live entertainment that can’t be watched later. Comedians are awesome and two comedians doing a fireside chat are even better. Think about what famous actor or performer might be able to feel relevant to your organization or better yet, have a personal story tied to it that they’re willing to share. In addition to booking some kind of chat with your talent, booking a singer or DJ, can open the door for an additional segment of entertainment – a musical performance that only your guests can experience. Pro tip: book someone who will share your event on social media before it happens so their audience becomes aware and you grow your guest list by thousands!

How to find the right talent for your event:

Just because someone is famous or has a huge following doesn’t mean they’re the right guest to book. For example, someone may have 10 million followers on TikTok but be virtually unknown to the vast majority of your audience. Additionally, booking talent that is actually charismatic and able to add value to your event is a must. Maybe they aren’t great storytellers but they are top notch musicians–book them for a performance, not an interview segment. Also think about the demographics of your audience. Gen Z, for example, is a great market to tap if you’re having a young professionals event and in this scenario, a TikTok star may be perfect.

How to actually source the talent.

You can’t just call up Beyonce, obviously. It’s best practice to contact whomever represents the talent, like United Artists Agency or Creative Artists Agency, and find out what they’re booking–maybe they’re interested in pro bono work but maybe not. A more non-conventional approach might be to reach out to a planner who works with artists and might be able to loop them in for your event. 

Have more questions about booking key talent? Shoot us a note!